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Introducing our Red Centre Desert Exfoliator!

We believe that...

Ask and nature will provide. At Red Dune Skin, we believe that Mother Nature knows best, and hence we create all our products with her in mind. Our formulations are made with the fines, nutrient-rich ingredients, and are free from harmful additives or nasties that may harm the environment or your wellbeing.

All of our products are vegan, cruelty free, 100% natural, and Australian made!

We acknowledge the traditional land owners of Australia, and that they have used the ingredients used in our products  for thousands of years for their healing and beneficial properties. It is of the utmost importance to us to give back to our community and hence we have committed 25% of our profits to 2 non for profit organisations, the Wunan Foundation, and the Yalari Foundation, who provide support to our Indigenous community, focusing on education and opportunities.

Yalari Foundation

Wunan Foundation